Western Mindanao

SUMISIP BASILAN (As of July 30,2012)

About 6,000 families are still displaced due to the recent armed conflict between the MILF and the AFP on June 26, 2012 at Brgy.Sapah Bulak,Sumisip Basilan.

Families are temporarily living with their host-families in nearby barangays of Brgy.Sapah Bulak. Monitoring is still on-going as to the proper intervention to the affected families and to the settlement of the armed conflict.



May 04, 2012– Shooting incident between members of PNP and group of (5) civilians in Ipil Zamboanga Sibugay

Around 2:00pm- Members of PNP of Ipil were on their way to Pagadian City when they saw (1) motorcycle without plate # parked along the highway of Brgy. Tenan. When they stopped for an inspection, they saw a group of five (5) men nearby. They run after the group and fired towards them who also fired back.

The exchange of fire lasted for (2) minutes. Chief of Police named as Huesca obtained injury in his ears.  Accordingly, during the 2-minute fight, some members of the PNP immediately get into their vehicle. The car obtained some hits from the gunshots of the group. To this, the PNP is reporting that they were ambushed.

The group of 5-men is identified as members of the Bangsamoro Islamic Armed Forces (BIAF).

After 20-30 minutes, members from both the PNP and AFP came for back-up. They immediately conducted raid to some households in search for the (5) run-away men, which alarmed the residents, forcing some 40 families to leave home and move to safer place. Helping facilitate the moving of the civilians are some members of BLGU.

No. of Families

Place of Origin

Place of Displacement

Nature of Displacement


Purok Marang(Brgy. Tenan) Purok Sampaguita, Brgy. Tenan Host families


Purok Marang(Brgy. Tenan) Purok Saging (Brgy. Tenan) Host families


Purok Marang(Brgy. Tenan) Brgy. Lapaz, Naga Mun. Host families

These families are displaced for (5) days. They refused to return home waiting for the intervention of Commission on Human Rights (CHR) and International Monitoring Team (IMT) as advised by one of the community leaders. But no one came and the families started to return home on May 9, 2012 through the order of Ipil Mayor- Edwin M. Alibutdan. However, other still refused to return home and opted to stay with their relatives. Accordingly, they are still afraid due to the continuous man-hunt operation and roaming of the PNP in their barangay.

Summon PaperMerely a week after the May 4 incident at Brgy. Tenan, Ipil Zamboanga Sibugay, at least (13) men of the said barangay received a summon paper from the office of the Mayor of Ipil.

Said paper states that these 13 men are accused of crimes such as murder, frustrated murder and carnapping. The paper further stated that the accused are given 10 days to surrender themselves to the authorities or warrant of arrest will be issued to them.

According to them, they cannot surrender or even report to the office of the mayor since PNP has been regularly doing operation in the barangay.

In the list are ordinary civilians. Some are farmers while some do quarrying for living. One barangay kagawad is also included. Some are identified as member of the BIAF. Brgy. Tenan is a known territory of this faction and is composed of Moro communities.

According to the community, (2) in the list are already in jail before the summon paper was sent to the barangay, while another (1) was also in jail five months ago before the paper.

With this situation, and with the continuous operation and roaming of members of the PNP, the whole community is affected. They cannot work well; some would rather stay home sacrificing their daily livelihood activities.

May 18, 2012Following the summon paper mentioned in above report and worsening the situation at Brgy. Tenan, Ipil Zamboanga Sibugay was the conduct of raid by the members of the PNP with some AFP troops.

Accompanying them was the provincial governor of Zamboanga Sibugay- Romel Jalosjos who was in military boots. Accordingly, the Gov. was there to inform the public that he will put-up street lights in the said barangay. In fear to say anything, the community did not say a word upon the announcement of the governor. In silence and as they expressed, what they need is for PNP to stop the continuous operation they are conducting and that peace and order will be stable in their barangay.

During the raid, one civilian was arrested but was immediately freed afternoon of that day. Said person was not in the list of the summon paper. To this, all men in the barangay are afraid to go outside their homes in fear that they might be arrested as well.

The authorities would conduct raid and would just enter any household, searching their belongings without any warrant of arrest.

As of May 28, 2012– The community of Brgy. Tenan through UnYPhil-Women staff at Alicia, Zamboanga Sibugay appeals to any concerned agency to intervene with the situation in their barangay. Daily activities are affected because of fear of the constant operation of the PNP who would accuse and arrest any men.

On Saturday, May 26, members of the PNP riding their owner-type jeep were again roaming around the vicinity of Brgy.Tenan even not in proper uniform.

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