Central Mindanao Expansion

IDPs in North Cotabato especially in the municipalities of Carmen and Kabacan are mostly belonging to the indigenous people as well as the Moro people. A big number of conflict affected communities are located in difficult location where government services are rendered very minimally. Details about their profile and other circumstances are yet to be determined pending proper profiling and assessments.

Since the early 1970’s, during the Martial Law Period, armed conflict has been recurrent in the province of North Cotabato. And it has not stopped from happening even up to the present time.  Conflicts can be between the government and either of the two Moro Fronts (MNLFand MILF). Conflict can also be “Low Intensity” (LIC), and can be between local commanders of the two Moro Fronts as individuals with their supporters (not structurally related), or between two warring clans within a bigger tribe (i.e. Maguindanaon vs. Maguindanaon, Manobo vs. Manobo, etc.), or can be between clans from two or more different tribes (i.e. Maguindanaon vs. Manobo vs. Settler, etc.). Either form of armed conflict has caused the displacement of hundreds of thousands of people from their homes over the period of four (4) decades.

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