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The United Youth of the Philippines-Women (UNYPHIL-Women) Inc, a non-governmental entity working for the plight of women in most conflict affected areas of Central Mindanao region is currently in need of a competent and reliable person to work on its newly approved project with the UNHCR entitled “Identifying Early Recovery Program” with a focus area within the Western Mindanao and Central Mindanao.

To effectively deliver the project, UNYPHIL-Women Inc. is looking for (1) qualified Project Staff having the following competencies;

(1)  Project Staff

Field-Based: Western Mindanao and Central Mindanao

Contract Period: 12 Months

The project staff will take charge of the ground implementation and monitoring of the project vis a vis to the planned programmatic activities as set by the designated Project Coordinator.

Summary of Responsibilities: The post holder will require to undertake the following responsibilities:

  •  Shall provide general assistance in the whole implementations of the project.
  • Shall do documentation work in all projects activities and see to it that they are in proper perspectives.
  • Shall do liaison work w/c includes messenger and utility activities that are related to the project implementation.
  • Shall provide updates/reports in the performance of its duties & responsibilities & do other task required by the project; and
  • Shall be directly accountable to the project coordinator.

Summary of Qualification

  • Preferably UNYPHIL-Women volunteer and other interested applicants.
  • Preferably acquired an experienced in community related work in the field of Human Rights, Child Protection, organizing and facilitation.
  • Average skills both in written and verbal communication.
  • Preferably a degree holder in the field of sociology, social work or any other equivalent degrees.
  • Computer literate MS word, excel, power point.

Project Officer (UNHCR)

A project officer shall be contracted by UnYPhil-Women for non-core or pilot projects. A project officer’s tenure shall be as long as the duration of the project she is tasked to coordinate.  The Project Officer shall have the following tasks, functions and responsibilities:

  1. Responsible for the direct implementation of the specific project on specified location.
  2. Provide over-all supervision of all the project staff to ensure the faithful performance of their roles and responsibilities;
  3. Shall provide periodic updates and monthly report in the performance of his/her job;
  4. Initiate measures upon consultation with area coordinator to address problems encountered during project implementation;
  5. Recommend ways and means to improve or expedite the project implementation;
  6. Directly accountable to the Program Director if the project covers more than one cluster.
  7. Be able to put the proposal/concept into concrete program of action on a monthly basis
  8. Be able to effectively coordinate all program activities of the project
  9. Be able to provide an update monthly written reports with proper documentation and a consolidated semestral and terminal report for submission to funding partner
  10. Be able to cause the accomplishment of planned monthly activities according to timeframe
  11. Be able to submit liquidation on cash advances according to agreed policies

Interested applicant should submit their application letter and resume to Ms. Noraida C. Abu on or before February 29, 2012 at UNYPHIL-Women office, #17 4th Street, RH 5 Cotabato City. Only short listed applicants will be advised for an interview.

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