Gender Justice Program


In reaffirming its adherence to people’s participation, the United Youth of the Philippines – Women, or UNYPHIL-WOMEN, recognizes the crucial role of the people – particularly the women and the youth sector – in building a just and lasting peace, either as beneficiaries or recipients of various peace and development initiatives, or as catalysts of change and social transformation.

In the course of this protracted conflict in Central Mindanao, gender inequalities are perpetuated. In addition to extra responsibilities in the home, women of conflict affected communities now face increased health risks, and protection issues, including an increased risk of sexual violence. Bullets do not differentiate between genders, but it is the women who are expected to ensure the continuity of life. In conflict situations, their gender-based needs are often overlooked.

Most of the displaced families lived below the poverty line before the conflict, according to government statistics. Today, many of them have to survive on considerably less – as little as $30 per month. One 20-year-old evacuee was said to be supporting seven siblings selling snacks for pennies a day.

A basic step to address these issues is the conduct of mass education on gender justice and the promotion and protection of its concrete expressions in conflict-affected communities by not only the women therein but by all local stakeholders.


Proactive communities with the capacity to promote and uphold gender justice in overall peace and development work.


Through the Bangsamoro Human Wellness Center, to engage in activities that will procedurally raise awareness of conflict affected communities on gender justice, capacitate women, and build an environment that is conducive to gender justice.


The project’s main goal is to promote peace and development in conflict affected communities, prevent gender inequalities as a result of violent conflicts, uphold respect for human rights, and capacitate key personalities to respond on the eventuality of gender injustices.


  • To orient UNYPHIL-Women, BHWC, and Project Staff on project implementation, initiate needs assessment, and facilitate for the development and/or compilation of resource guides based on identified needs;
  • To conduct relevant awareness raising activities on women’s rights, gender equality and gender justice to key community leaders.
  • To conduct relevant training activities to develop capacities of women in conflict affected communities towards the protection and prevention, empowerment and participation, promotion and mainstreaming, and capacity development and monitoring and reporting on gender justice;
  • To facilitate development and entrenchment of mechanisms that would require the appointing and implementing authorities’ awareness and conviction to achieve gender balance in institutions and programs in the communities that are crucial to women’s empowerment and right to peace


  1. Project Preparation – aims to prepare and orient proponent and project staff for the project at hand. It also aims to prepare proponent and project staff in facilitating project implementation to help ensure sustainability of the project’s initiatives after project phase-out.
  2. Awareness Raising aims to engage with conflict-affected communities with high incidence of gender-related cases towards raising their level of consciousness about the value and importance of living in an environment where traditions, practices, values and systems are promotive of gender balance and gender justice.
  3. Capability Building seeks to facilitate for the capacity build-up of women in conflict-affected communities through the conduct of trainings on gender and peace, human rights promotion and protection (especially on violence against women and children), conflict resolution skills, and gender advocacy skills.
  4. Social Mobilization– seeks to facilitate the development and entrenchment of local social mechanisms that would ensure the sustainable practice and observance of gender justice by would requiring the appointing and implementing authorities awareness and conviction to achieve gender balance in institutions and programs that are crucial to women’s empowerment and right to peace.


The project targets women in the following communities:


  • In the Municipality of Pikit
  • In the Municipality of Libungan
  • In the Municipality of Pigcawayan
  • In the Municipality of Carmen
  • In the Municipality of Kabacan


  • In the Municipality of Datu Piang
  • In the Municipality of Guindulungan
  • In the Municipality of Talayan
  • In the Municipality of Pagalungan
  • In the Municipality of Datu Montawal
Community Orientation
Community Fora on Gender Justice

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