Empowering Capacities of Women in Special Conditions Project

Project Background

Communities in Maguindanao affected by conflict in varying degrees had greatly affected the pattern of life of people which increased their vulnerability to elements of risk, such as poor health, hunger, malnutrition, poor economic capacity, housing and other social infrastructure vital to human development.

Studies on poverty situation in the Philippines revealed that the human development index in the province of Maguindanao is the lowest in the country.

The women and their children, are the most vulnerable sectors due to recurring armed conflict, women are trapped in special conditions, conflict-based trauma, their husbands were killed, it was reported that Maguindanao is the highest producer of women Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) where most only to find physical abuse from their employers, some were raped and some found death. There were many young girls who forged their ages to escape severe poverty induced by the armed-conflict, but because the victims of human trafficking-such a defeat and violation of their rights.

The targeted barangays from the selected municipalities were not spared of such general condition of the province. UnYphil-Women were able to access support from Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) under their Community Empowering Program (CEP).


This project shall organize groups of woman  and girls and the three identified communities as an early warning and quick response Mechanism for woman and girls and special situations, their primary function would to identify, locate and refer these women and girls to the Bangsa Moro   Human Wellness Center for healing. These group of woman shall be provided with a series of training that would enhance their skills and psycho social work in human rights documentation and monitoring this group.


To improve social, mental health and economics  capacities of women and girls in special condition in identified communities.


To enhance overall capacities of organized women groups as early warnings and quick response mechanism to respond to and address trauma and human rights abuses done to women due to conflict.


I-Capability Building

A. Client Development In-House Training

  1. Training of Trainers
  2. Knowing self making a difference
  3. Empowering rights of women and girls Training
  4. Life Skills improvements Training
  5. Simple ABC’s in living
  6. Introduction to Basic Literacy: Micro-   Enterprise  and Simple Technologies Training

B. Community Out-Reach Training


Community Visit/Area Coordination

Project Orientation

Personality Development Training

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Empowering Rights of Women Training

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