Community-Based Health Promotion and Communication for Better Health Outcomes

Health Promotion and Communications (HealthPRO) is a subcontracted project with University Research Co. It is a five-year contract, aimed to support behavior change communications activities in the Philippines.

The main strategy of HealthPRO is to work closely with Department of Health (DOH) and Local Government Units (LGU) staff to review the lessons learned and best practices from previous investments in health promotion, and expand and improve on them. The emphasis is on mobilizing existing community organizations, volunteers and NGOs to support the health promotion work of the LGUs and their health staffs. This includes improving skills and strategic coordination of programs.

HealthPRO focuses on the following three elements: Interpersonal Communications, Community Mobilization, and Mass Media.  The project aims to change knowledge, attitudes and behaviors of health provider, patient and community-at-large through integrated health communications activities.

Implementation of the project includes working with the Provincial Health Offices and Muslim Religious Leaders (MRLs) in supporting specific Behavior Change Communication (BCC) activities to include training and to develop and implement community mobilization interventions as well as interventions to improve community awareness about and demand for specific services on Maternal, Newborn and Child Health, FP, TB Prevention and Control, and HIV/AIDS as well as other infectious diseases like Avian Influenza.

In the Maguindanao, ARMM, five (5) municipalities were identified, namely:

  1. Barira
  2. Datu Piang
  3. Sultan Kudarat
  4. Datu Odin Sinsuat
  5. Parang


  1. Community Mobilization– Community mobilization involves actions to reach, influence, and involve all relevant stakeholders (all feasible and practical inter-sectoral social allies) to create an enabling environment and to affect positive behavior and social change. The purpose is to raise people’s awareness of and demand for particular health services as well as to assist in the delivery of resources and services and to strengthen community participation for sustainability and self-reliance. The community mobilization process included mass campaigns, such as health events for Garantisadong Pambata, TB Day, Safe Motherhood Month, etc.

Community mobilization includes conduct of activities during the post-Friday prayers which were led by the tripartite team of MRL, LGU officials and Health Service Providers to increase utilization of services; group counseling sessions; and streamlining and strengthening the conduct of currently-observed health events will be a key to countering myths and misconceptions regarding various health interventions and services.

  1. Mass Media 

The media is also tapped as partners for health promotion and communication activities and updating the province’s media map.



Conduct of Health Classes

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