Historical Signing of the Framework Agreement

Thoroughfares leading to Cotabato City are adorned today with green flag lets and green buntings. Banners pledging support to the establishment of a Bangsamoro Government are draped on residential and commercial establishments.

Today, October 15, is the historical signing of the Framework Agreement on the Bangsamoro by both GPH and MILF. The mood is festive in Cotabato City; even the MILF is holding a kanduli (thanksgiving party) in Camp Darapanan to celebrate this momentous event.

Thousands converged at Cotabato City Plaza to support signing of FAB

Public and private vehicles, even tricycles and bicycles, are decorated with green stick flags. Upon approaching the City Plaza, they would blow their horns to signify their unity with other peace advocates. The City Plaza of Cotabato is the convergence point of thousands of individuals that are anticipating the signing of the framework agreement that will take place in Malacañang today at 1:30 in the afternoon. Students, children, elders, international and local media, and civil society organization members are braving the heat for the promise of a just and enduring peace in Mindanao. Sakuras buh…

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