Stories of women and children in times of conflict have been heard and told for many times- stories about their poor health conditions, their vulnerabilities to violence, and their struggle to survive the day to day life in evacuation sites.

All-Out-War is now being push by some politicians who may be forgetting, missing and neglecting one important responsibility as public servant (who pledged to serve the welfare of the people)- that is reading and getting the real context of the story- stories of the conflict affected communities. Indeed a call of no single man in his moral being rather of a man out of his wit and truly with no sense of responsibility for the whole country, instead, sense of personal interest for his own self. A call that might again bring danger and unsafe living conditions to our women, to our mothers, to our sisters, to our children.

Among the 2,530 families or 12,650 individuals displaced due to the current bombardment and air strikes in some parts of Zamboanga Sibugay are women and children. Humanitarian assistance being provided by both the local government and non-government organizations including some private institutions are all temporary. These will not be sustainable enough for their security and well being. Imagine pregnant women staying in evacuation camps, without any medical attention, even a comfortable bed to rest. Imagine those children prone to suffer from fever, cough and diarrhea due to lack of sanitation in the evacuation centers.

With this that we support for peace process and opposed the all–out-war being pushed by some politicians. We do not want to see any more heartbreaking conditions of this most affected sector of the community. We do not want to hear cry of innocent civilian due to hunger and thirst. We do not want any more human rights violations to our women and children. Let the peace talk continue!

Peace talk is the road towards ending this long time conflict. For many times, throughout the history of peace struggle that we witnessed armed confrontations disrupting the peace process. How much more will it do if an all-out-war be declared? War solves no war. It gives no solution but only adds more pollution to the nobility of the peace process. Let ALL OUT JUSTICE works! And this means no another bloodsheds, no another life sacrificed. This means peace talk. A peace talk that opens doors for all concerned towards common understanding and not another gunshot that plants hatred. Let no other woman suffer, let no other child cry. Let peace talk reigns to answer the call for peace in Mindanao and not the all-out-war to answer the call for violence.

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