UnYPhil-Women promotes Gender Justice Program in Central Mindanao

The conditions of women in conflict-affected communities in Central Mindanao are always left at stake, conditions that more often denies them of their rights as member of the community.

Piloting on October 2011, the Gender Justice Program of the United Youth of the Philippines-Women (UnYPhil-Women) aimed at advocating rights of the women towards achieving a gender balanced community.

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The program shall capacitate women in target communities through series of capability buildings that will empower them to take a vital role in their society.

Raising awareness on issues confronting women are conducted where women are expected to develop among themselves the sense of responsibility for them to become a guardian of themselves and their community from all forms of human rights violations more specifically on gender injustices.

Under this program, women beneficiaries will be equipped with basic knowledge on monitoring and reporting of cases in the community.

During its first two months of implementation, the program has been able to gather women in target barangays where they get orientation on the purpose of this advocacy and learned how it will help them uplift their social status in their respective communities.

Series of fora is now being conducted in all target communities where perspectives of women groups on gender justice in their community are documented. The beneficiaries learned inputs on the lecture about Islamic views on gender justice important in promoting better understanding on the rights of the women since most of the target communities of the program are Muslim dominated.

Ensuring that gender justice is attained, UnYPhil-Women  also invites men representatives coming from the LGU of the barangay, traditional and community leaders. This approach helps in making the men groups participate and be one with the advocacy, important in achieving a community where all sectors have common understanding and recognize the rights of every individual.

The program targets one conflict-affected barangay for each of the five municipalities in Maguindanao province (Datu Montawal, Pagalungan, Talayan, Guidulungan, and Datu Piang) and in North Cotabato province (Pigcawayan, Libungan, Pikit, Carmen and Kabacan). 

This gender justice program is implemented through the support of Evangelischer Entwicklungsdienst (EED), a German organization that provides grants for projects, run by local partners, that emphasize human and community development.

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