UnYPhil women Family gets stress-free activity to ‘sharpen their axe’

MONDAY– October 17, 2011 was a busy day for the whole UnYPhil women Family. Everyone wakes and gets up early, have their bags packed, and gets ready for a field work- but not the usual field work that they do in their daily routine as community organizers. That day and the succeeding two (2) days was indeed fun and stress-free experience.

Samal Island is the team’s area for the day. Indeed an area to visit, to work to, not with whoever conflict affected communities, but with themselves who is affected by the nature of their jobs that gives them less pay and attention of their own self- care and well-being.

Samal Island is a perfect getaway from the pressure of work and the busy urban life. Possession of beautiful crystal water, white sand beaches, the relaxing sound of the sea, cool breeze that soothes the senses. Dining experience under the trees, sit while having a chat in benches surrounded by various species of plants and colorful flowers. Perhaps the most sought after destination for people who looks for a place to relax, unwind and be refreshed with the beauty of Mother Nature.

UnYPhil-women staff listened to their colleague sharing experience and ideas on personality development

For UnYPhil women, the Island is an ideal venue for fun and useful activities that help them build camaraderie and team-building among members thus strengthening the organization towards achieving its goals-a best place to attend to their personal needs making them more effective workers.

Personality Development and Team Building

Facilitated by Ms. Akrema Ante, the activity started with a workshop which revealed how participants know well their colleagues.  Through the activity, everyone was able to find out what are the things that their officemates ‘like most’ and dislike most’. Ms. Akrema explained that it is important for everyone to know these things about their colleagues as one way of getting to know them more.

Developing one’s personality means knowing one’s strengths and weaknesses as discussed by Ms. Akrema. Participants joined in sharing of personal experiences. Personality development helps in identifying one’s aspiration for his/herself.  As discussed in the lecture, personality plays a big role on how one perceives the world and how world perceives him/her, thus very important in promoting harmony, common understanding and team building among everyone. Inputs regarding the topics were also provided during the session.

Stress Management

“Our work in NGO brings us to the most stressful field of works. We provide assistance to the conflict affected communities, we deal with the very crucial situations, we always care and respond to the social needs of the community and we tend to forget ourselves”, statement of Ms. Akrema as she started her topic on stress management. “We neglect to realize that we too need some time to deal and attend with our personal needs, like stress”, Ms. Akrema added.

In her lecture, Ms. Akrema explained that stress affects every individual greatly. For instance, stress cause one person’s health that may lead to poor performance of one’s job. Stressed person can even end up hurting themselves and the people around them, which is very unhelpful towards a friendly working environment.

Group of participants worked together for their output during the workshop

The lecturer, discussed inputs on the importance of stress management and some ways to handle and deal with it. Participants underwent series of workshops that help in expressing their hidden and inner feelings which is very important to release the negative elements within them. The lecturer asked participants of the things causing them so much stress or their stressors (external events that cause the stress response). She explained that identifying one’s stressor is the very key to handle or manage stress.

Financial Freedom

Related to the topic on stress management is financial freedom- one of the most causes of stress. To be financially free gives a man less problem; enable him/her to do things without worries and fears of getting his pocket empty.

During the session, Ms. Akrema explained how one can be able to attain or practice financial freedom. She gave inputs on the significance of financial freedom. She presented a formula that everyone can use and apply for his/her budget management to achieve financial independence. One important tip that the lecturer emphasized is the “more income- less expenses” and “less income-more expenses” method where one shall be able to identify his/her spending which must be equal or not more than his/her income. With this method, there shall be some savings that one can keep making him/her financially free.

This activity is conducted annually especially for the whole UnYPhil women Family- a bonding moment for everyone to give themselves a break from all pressures of work. UnYPhil women being an organization envisioned in empowering women, is responsible in providing home for the women, not only victims of conflict but also its staff who are working hard in the realization of the overall goal of UnYPhil women.

“UnYPhil women recognizes the significance of holding an activity like this for the personal being and wellness of its members”, said Noraida Abo, its Program Director. Beyond the compensation that they get from this organization, what the UnYPhil wants for their staff to treasure is the priceless value of friendship built, a heart for humanitarian works, and a love and care that each member mostly needs above all the things that world can offer”, added Ms. Noraida.

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